Waggle Quick Start Guide (EN) V.1.0

What is Waggle?

Introducing the Waggle, the simplest remote controller for 3D printers. Breathe new life into your old 3D printers by monitoring, controlling, and sharing control of them with whomever you choose with only a few swipes on your smartphone. Waggle is a both a hardware device that plugs into your 3D printer, and a software platform that lives in the cloud to make you more efficient, and to free your creativity.

The Waggle comes with following parts:

  • Waggle device
  • Waggle Stand
  • Power adapter & Micro USB cable
  • USB 2.0 A to B cable for 3D printer


  • iOS App: Find the Waggle App in the Apple AppStore with the keyword “waggle
  • Android App: Not available at the moment, but will be available soon.

Hook up guide

Plug the microUSB cable and USB A to B cable in bottom sockets.


Set the waggle stand with sliding on the back side. Plug the microUSB cable in power adapter.

Setup with App

1. Create an Account


Tap the “Create and account” and enter your email address and password to register your account.


2. Confirm Your Email


Check your email and click the confirmation link.


3. Sign in


Sign In with your Account.


4. Add New Waggle


If this is the first time to connect the Waggle, you should add the new waggle.Tap the "Add New Waggle" button and follow the instruction of the app.


Follow instruction in Waggle app. For more detailed information, please refer to Waggle Device + App Setup Guide. (https://gowaggle.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002224391)




After adding your waggle, you can see your waggle in the "My Waggles" list.



6. Upload Your 3D File


Click the Drive tab to upload a file from Google Drive. (Support for other cloud platform is coming soon.)



When the upload is finished, you can see the files on the Drive tab. When you select a STL file, you can view the information of this file by choosing "Slice & Print".



Change its size, and rotate it in the X, Y, and Z axes. Set the slicer options to print and press the “Slice and Print” button to start printing.



If you select G-Code file, you can start printing by choosing "Print".




When it starts printing, you can check the file name and printer temperature & progress.



Front LED behavior


  • Blue blinking: AP mode
  • Red blinking: Printer is not connected
  • Green blinking: Internet error
  • LED off: No error